Journey of Awakening

We are each on our journey of awakening. Coming into our heart and bringing forth our soul wisdom…

maylightOur world is moving into a love based existence as we begin to understand our connection to each other. As we begin to recognise our selves as “spiritual” beings inhabiting a human form, experiencing a human existence. We are a ‘spiritual” community on a journey of re-connection.

We have a tangible connection. You, me, this page, our thoughts and the journey we have shared to be in this moment. Our hope, understanding, wisdom and experience are intertwined as we journey together – Connecting with Love.

We are not dissimilar. You and I are one, and the same. Our path and the detail of our journey may be vastly different. We may not look alike, or speak the same language. Our circumstances may range from financial poverty to immense wealth. We may follow a particular religious or spiritual doctrine. Our lives may be fraught with challenges or flow with ease. We may be young or old, male or female, weak or strong.

onejourneyWhatever our external differences, in consciousness we are one. Let us remember who we are, and why we are here. In this current existence we are human “beings”.  Let’s stop doing and start being…

Connecting with Love.

Be Love, Love, and Be Loved.