Beyond Wounded, Toward Wisdom

A Workshop for Women

Do you feel wounded through the actions and words of others? Does emotion rise quickly without conscious understanding as to why? Are you experiencing recurring situations, experiences, wounding and emotional reaction? Do you feel your emotional wounding holds you back from success?

We are, in our human form, essentially a breathing mass of beliefs, based on the unconscious stories around our childhood emotional wounding. Stories that for the most part cause us a great disservice: producing constantly recurring themes, experiences, and situations in our lives.

Identifying our emotional wounds, the beliefs, and voices that feed them, can give us amazing insight into the areas of ourselves that have remained, hidden, exiled, diminished and often times disowned. As we begin to identify these aspects of ourselves we are given a window into “Who We Really Are” beyond the outside interference that resulted in these wounds.

This window allows us to make changes with our internal voice, and the way we perceive and react to situations outside us. The wounds themselves hold the wisdom of our healing.

In this Workshop you will learn to:

  • Understand the 5 Sensory Languages.
  • Identify the Language you have a preference for.
  • Understand how to build rapport when other languages are used.
  • Identify the areas your Emotional Wounding lives in.
  • The way you shield and soothe your wounds.
  • Create “healthy” shielding and soothing mechanisms.
  • Identify Languages that produced these Emotional Wounds
  • Identify which languages are specific triggers for you.
  • Identify the languages the voice inside your head uses.
  • Change the voice in your head. Respond rather than react.
  • Identify the areas of your “true self” that have been exiled.
  • Claim the exiled areas.
  • Understand the ways in which you experience the world, and how to open to deeper experiences.
  • Identify the wisdom within the wounds.
  • Utilise this wisdom for your own healing.

A Workbook will be supplied in order for you to continue with these understandings and work with your wounds as they show up. In addition links to suggested Guided Meditations will be supplied after the Workshop in order to further facilitate your healing.

Tea, Coffee, Water and a Vegetarian Lunch are provided. All products are Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free.


LOCATION:   The Happiness Hub – 1/10 Albion Road, Albion, 4010      

TIME:             10.30am – 3.30pm

DATE:             Saturday 17th February 2018

COST:             $149.00

NUMBER:     Maximum 12 participants

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