We have now entered the year of “Souls Abundance” – or the year of fruition! It is a time where all the clearing, letting go and gaining clarity begins to bear fruit. Yay! This year is focused on the integration of head and heart. A year where we are called by our heart, and utilise the skills of our mind to take action toward our heart direction!

Circles are a wonderful way of increasing the energy of transformation. From an Astrology and Numerology perspective the year has several major Energy Portals. Throughout the year Circles will be offered as key transformation gateways during these times…

2019 in numerology is a Three Year:
This Universal 3 Year is all about the Souls expression. And we will constantly be checking in with our deeper knowing and asking ourselves “what do I want” and “Is this true for me”. This is a year of creativity and happiness, a year for the Song of Your Soul to be heard!

Circle of Manifestation

Circle of Manifestation

The Lions Gate is an incredibly powerful portal which begins to open on the 26th July and remains open until 12th August. August 8th is when the energies are at their peak and those wishing to make significant shifts in opening their hearts, opening the third eye and connecting heart and consciousness, are supported with this intense energy portal.

The message of this time is: “Connecting to the courage of accepting and loving our true self, and the courage to step into our power and walk our path.”

During the Lions Gate Portal the universe works with you to open your heart firstly to yourself, and then to the collective. Once you know and love yourself, it becomes easier to find your life path here on Earth. It opens you to using your own unique energy and gifts to create something beautiful to share with the world.

These Circles allow an amplified field to create the highest shift for the individual as we work with a collective intention. Circle time involves discussion, meditation and energy alignment.

Date: Thursday 8th August 2019
Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Soul Space, 23 Parker St, Newmarket Q 4051
Investment: $38.00

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