Circles are a wonderful way of increasing the energy of transformation. From an Astrology and Numerology perspective the year has several major Energy Portals. Throughout the year Circles will be offered as key transformation gateways during these times…

Circle of Completion

It has been a year of immense change and growth as we worked with realising and understanding the many illusions we have lived our life within. Letting go, and letting flow has been a major theme for the year!

Join me in Circle for a journey of letting go and stepping in. You will be guided through a deep meditation of letting go what no longer serves you. This prepares you for the New Year and new cycle of energy coming through. This deep meditation is also an energy alignment reset.

2019 is the year we build upon all we have created, dreamed, designed and thought in 2018. It is the year we finally free ourselves from the past baggage and give ourselves permission to fly! Let this Circle be the completion of 2018, and all the work you have done with releasing, letting go and opening yourself to your deeper wisdom and direction.

This auspicious date takes advantage of the Full Moon and Solstice energies. It is also the completion of Mercury Retrograde. Potent energies to facilitate our journey…

Date:Sunday 23rd December
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Location: Soho Yoga – 1a, 68 Racecourse Road, Ascot Q 4007
Cost: $38.00

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