Circles are a wonderful way of increasing the energy of transformation. From an Astrology and Numerology perspective the year has several major Energy Portals. Throughout the year Circles will be offered as key transformation gateways during these times…

Opening to Who You AreĀ ~ with Energy Alignment

March 2018 begins a change in the creation energy that began to flow on 01/01/2018. We now move to a phase of planets moving in retrograde motion. This month on the 8/9th Jupiter begins its retrograde motion and on the 22nd/23rd we enter Mercury retrograde.

We are moving from the creation energy of January/February to an energy that is calling us deeper into ourselves.This is an opportunity to fine tune ourselves on all levels. To go through and clear all outside interference that may be covering the truth of Who We Are…

Join me for Circle on 11:3:11 – the significance of this date is in the numerology. It is the gateway to your inner being. A call to follow your intuition and inner wisdom. To align with the assistance that surrounds us at all times. This is a time to reset. To consider all that has occurred since 01/01/18, and open up channels of communication within ourselves. It is a time of new emotional beginnings…

Once again the energy is high this month. Beginning and ending on a Full Moon, New Moon 17/18 and Equinox on 21/22 March. Our focus will be on our internal communications. How we speak to, and with ourselves in each moment, and how we align with our intentions and manifestations. This will impact our external communications as we begin to clean up anything that is misaligned.

Don’t miss this opportunity to align with the energies that are here to serve us! We will be integrating the last 2 months and bringing new energy as we move forward! April will be a month of reflection and our next big energy portal will be May! A bumper month!

Limited to 22 participants

Date: Sunday 11th March 2018
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Location: Soho Yoga Studio, 2/24 Finsbury St, Newmarket Q 4051
Cost: $35.00


Conscious Creation Circle ~ with Energy Alignment

January 2018 has been a huge month of Energy Portals, with all planets in Alignment and creation energy at its peak! As we enter the last phase of January with a Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse on January 31st we are called to release anything we have been holding on to, and solidify our visions and creations for the coming 11 months.

Join me in this 2 hr Circle to release old energy patterns, beliefs and blocks from the past and align with, allow, and receive the new creation energy! It’s time to clear the past and step into the Now with Passion and Purpose!

During January we have experienced a number of “high” frequency days – the numerology of these days all equate to 1:1:11, 10:1:11 (which is 1:1:11), 11:1:11 and the last of those days is 29:1: 2018 which equates to the last 11:1:11 for this year! This Circle is perfectly positioned to align with the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse and 11:1:11 energies.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create alignment. As we enter March we begin a cycle of planets moving into retrograde motion. This can energetically affect us if we have not aligned with our vision and creation.

Limited to 16 participants

Date: Sunday 28th January 2018
Time: 6.15pm – 8.15pm
Location: Soho Yoga Studio, 2/24 Finsbury St, Newmarket Q 4051
Cost: $35.00


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