Define or Divine – That is the Question!

Are we here to define or Divine our lives? That is the question!

Do you feel like the world is trying to tell you who you should be? How you should act? What you should do? In a world that is bent on defining “who we are” by race, religion, culture, career, gender, status, orientation etc. It is an act of courage to defy the structure.

Divine Light - Human JoyWe didn’t come here to fit a mould. We did not agree to “be like everyone else”. Nor did we agree to be defined by others, our environment, history or lineage. If you are here on this Earth at this time – you did not come to “fit in”. You came to “stand out”. Not from ego or judgement. You came to stand out as the “You-nique” expression of the Divine spark – You are!

Our wounds, our pain, and suffering are not experienced for the purpose of defining us. They are an inner calling: a message being expressed through us, for us. Are you defining yourself by the pain, or are you seeking the wisdom in the wound? We decide if we permit them to define us, or if we “Divine” ourselves, and life through these inner callings.

We are both: Finite and Human, and Divine and Infinite
We choose which of these guides how we live our life…

When we restrict and constrict ourselves through the expectations and definitions of others, we become less of who we really are. We give away our power, and allow ourselves to be held to “old paradigm” concepts of living. Are you listening to the voices outside yourself? Or are you listening to the inner whisperings of your Soul. Are you guided by the external or the internal?

You are here to remember Who You Are, In order to become All you can Be…Take a moment to breathe

What questions are you asking yourself? Are you stopping to ask questions? To contemplate, reflect and listen? Is busyness or procrastination your way of navigating life? Are you holding your breath, or are you flowing with your breath?

Take a moment, breathe, and place the world on pause… Become conscious of your breath. Let your mind just focus on your breath. Just breathing in, and breathing out. Just be where you are, how you are, and who you are, in this moment.

The moment is both the journey and destination to Self…
To your divine connection with Soul.

Are you connecting to your Divinity? To the part of you who knows beyond doubt why you are here, to the deep wisdom within you? What if the reason we are here is to express our Divinity through our Human experience. To live as the Sacred Union of Human and Eternal…

This sacred union does not “define” us as human or divine. It allows us to “divine” our lives by listening; Be guided by the deep wisdom, and give your humanity permission to “take action”. We need both, We Are Both – our divine wisdom, and our human abilities. We are here to honour the evolution of this Sacred Union, in service to the Whole.

The very thing that makes us the same, is the fact we are All different ~
Each an individual expression of the Divine, The One…

When we live this understanding, we “divine” our lives. We are not restricted by “structured” human thought; we are guided by limitless creative potential…

You are a field of infinite possibility,
You are a creative force.
You are potent. You have power.
You are an agent of change.
A divine spark, here to illuminate truth,
And live from Love.
I See You

Define or divine your Life?  That is the question! Remember, every moment of this human experience is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to become. We will not always live in alignment with our divine guidance – sometimes our human resistance will be prevalent! At these times you have an opportunity to express your Divinity through self-compassion, self-love and forgiveness. There are no unimportant moments. Everything is here to serve our evolution…

One of the most profound shifts occurred for me personally when I attuned to Pellowah Level l & ll. I could not have imagined how rapidly my life would unfold with clarity and alignment. I look back over the past 12 months and I am truly amazed at how far I have come in understanding, awareness, confidence, clarity and the recognition of divine guidance, and when to take action! If you feel a call to Pellowah please visit my Pellowah Energy Healing website for further details.


©Julie Parker – Heart and Soul matters (19/08/2018)

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