REIKI, Pellowah, Transformational Coaching

Are you at a cross roads? Feeling anxious? Depressed or Overwhelmed? Searching for the meaning in your life? Awakening to who you are, your purpose and your potential? If you are on a journey of change, of healing from the inside out – you are in the right place!

Heart and Soul matters was created as a result of my own personal healing journey. A journey that I believe will continue throughout my lifetime. Through our sessions together I share with you a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained through personal experience and application.

Perhaps life is an unraveling of all the threads
that have bound us, held us, and shaped us
into something we are not, in order for us to
become the strength, truth and beauty of
who we really are…
~ Julie Parker


REIKI is a hands on healing which promotes deep relaxation, producing balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit, supporting overall well-being.  Reiki helps you enhance wellness, reduce anxiety and stress, and assists you to deal more effectively with life challenges and illness. Read more here

Pellowah is Simple, Powerful and Effective and does not require anything from you. The session may result in subtle changes to the way you interact with others and the world, or you may experience profound change as a “Radical shift in Consciousness”. Pellowah works to activate your own spiritual light from the inside out. Read more here

Transformational Coaching works with what is present to discover, uncover and recover what is necessary in order to create change. Often our “conscious” mind needs to understand what is happening for us and with us in order to support our continued growth. To make sense of the story in order to write a new chapter. Read more here

These modalities are all available as stand alone 60 minute sessions, or may be combined to create a deeper 90 minute healing.

I am currently out of Australia. All services are available via Skype and Distant Healing.

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