Pellowah is an Angelic word meaning: “Radical Shift in Consciousness”.

Pellowah is Simple, Powerful and Effective and does not require anything from you. The session can result in subtle changes to the way you interact with others and the world, or you may experience profound change. The result is an increase in the capacity for positive lasting change in your life. Pellowah works to activate your own spiritual light from the inside out.

This form of energy work aligns the meridians and works from the inside out bringing about a greater feeling of inner strength, inner peace and inner confidence. Most experience a calming of the emotions and clearing of the mind.

Pellowah works within the energy field of the client and is completely hands off. It is the transmission of pure energy and requires no music, oils, crystals etc be used in order not to interfere with the vibration and frequency of the Pellowah Energy.

Pellowah Session:
Clients are fully clothed and have closed eyes throughout the session. There is no discussion during the session or after the session, in order for the integrity of the energy to be maintained. A typical Pellowah transmission will last from 45 – 60 minutes duration. The energy may continue its work for days and weeks following a session. Changes in consciousness may be subtle or profound. Sometimes it is simply an inner knowing that things are different.

For more detailed information on Pellowah please visit: Pellowah Energy Healing 

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