Welcome to Heart and Soul matters Shop! We have created a range of Inspirational Clothing and Gifts to inspire the whole family!


Shop for Products with Soul that inspire you in everyday life. Let’s get the message out there with what you wear! Our vision and mission is to raise our individual vibrations, and therefore raise the vibration of our planet through messages of love, peace, compassion, gratitude and unity. We are an organisation that believes in giving back. A percentage of profits from Shop sales will be distributed at the end of each financial year to nominated Charitable and Not for Profit ventures.


Please note all Shop Prices are in US Dollars and products are shipped from the USA. Orders are printed as they are received so please expect a 2 – 5 day turnaround before orders are shipped. Please keep this in mind when ordering for a specific┬ádate or event. Enjoy your shopping! Thank you for raising our collective vibration.