Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching combines a number of modalities to bring about growth and a shift in consciousness. Often our “conscious” mind needs to understand what is happening for us and with us in order to support our continued growth…What is involved:

Spiritual Coaching/Counselling, NLP, Mindfulness Techniques, Genome Healing, Time Line Therapy, Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, Conscious Transformation Techniques, and Law of Attraction – Transformational Coaching opens the lens through which we have traditionally viewed life, and begins the process of creating changes in our belief systems, responses and actions.

Each session is specific to what showing up for the client. A series of sessions may be required in order to create sustainable shifts. Modalities are used in combination in order to bring about the greatest change.

Is it for you?
Are you struggling with repetitive patterns? Locked in a cycle? Feeling like there is something more, something greater to this life you are living?

Perhaps you have a yearning to dive deeper into the truth of who you are? And why you are here?

Transformational Coaching works with what is present to discover, uncover and recover what is necessary in order to create change. To make sense of the story in order to write a new chapter.

When combined with other Energy modalities (Reiki or Pellowah) healing can often move to the next level as old information is cleared and new imprints are embedded.

Transformational Coaching sessions are offered via WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger.  Please contact me for further information:

Australia:  +61 (0)458 169 295
United Kingdom:  +44 (0)7389 197 294
Skype:  julieanneparker

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