What is Pellowah

Are you stuck? Lacking clarity or direction? In need of some forward movement or a shift in perspective? As a practitioner, are you feeling you are just going through the motions? Or perhaps you have some great ideas and just can’t muster the energy to execute them!
Whether you are a healer/practitioner or on your own awakening journey – Pellowah may be calling to you as you are reading this!
Pellowah is the name given to an energy healing technique first channelled in 2003 by Australian Spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an. The purpose of Pellowah is to increase your capacity for positive change: To enable you to reach your highest purpose and potential. Directed by spirit through a series of dreams and visions Kachina founded the Pellowah Healing Technique and began to train others in this new energy modality in 2004.
Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness” – its primary reason for being channelled at this time is for awakening the consciousness of humanity.  Although an angelic word, Pellowah energy does not originate from the angelic realms. It is pure source energy, a direct transmission from the Light.
Pellowah LogoUnlike other forms of energy healing, Pellowah does not work through the Practitioner.  Pellowah is direct from source to the person receiving the healing. A practitioner receives the attunments that enable them to initiate the Pellowah energy and hold the healing space for the person receiving. There is no diagnosis or interpretation by the practitioner. Pellowah is simple, yet powerful.
As the person receiving you may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time. Many people are drawn to attune to Pellowah for their own spiritual growth and enlightenment, rather than for use as a Practitioner. Once attuned their is no requirement for you to use this Energy Healing Technique as a practitioner. 
The healing effects of Pellowah are a wonderful by product of a “Shift in Consciousness”. You may experience new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. In addition through the Pellowah healing technique you may also experience the following:
·     Increase your personal capacity for positive change
·     Empowers you to take charge of your life
·     Generates new and expanded perspectives
·     Attain a new lightness and sense of well being that increases over time
·     Create a stronger connection to Source/The Divine
·     Remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance
·     Increased intuition
·     Realign the body meridians
·     Connect the strands of DNA
·     Activate the connected DNA
·     Calming of emotions
·     Greater feeling of Inner peace and clarity of mind
·     Increase inner strength and confidence
·     Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression
Pure Source EnergyUnlike other “Healing” modalities, Pellowah is pure source energy and is direct to the receiver in this form. This technique is unusual in that no candles, essential oils,  flower essences, music etc, along with other modailities may be used with or combined with Pellowah.
Pellowah Level l & ll Attunements are conducted over a 2 day Workshop by a fully trained and registered Pellowah Teacher. All teachers are registered with Kachina and receive a teacher number. Level lll or Teacher Training Attunemtns are facilitated by Kachina Ma’an in Australia and a number of other countries where Pellowah Practitioners  are based. 
Clients are fully clothed during the “Hands Off “ session lasting 45-60 minutes. Each Pellowah session is different! Pellowah works with the individual to build new pathways to awareness and consciousness. Everything that happens in a session is for the client.
Pellowah calls to you at the time that is right for you! Whether client or practitioner, Pellowah is here for your awakening and personal growth. For more information on Pellowah Click Here
Testimonials from those who have undertaken Level l & ll Attunement:
“In a few short weeks since my Pellowah Level l & ll Attunements with Julie, I can honestly say life has changed. Julie created the most special of containers for the two days, with her magical mix of deep wisdom, gentle space holding and infectious humour. I think it’s very difficult to put into words what to expect from the training, as goodness it passes any and all preconceived ideas!
Pellowah for me was a remembering…a long lost old friend, a rediscovered sense of purpose and place…and this very emotional weekend for me, was a coming home to self.
The last few weeks have been a mix of subtle and powerful “Aha moments” and awakenings, where I rediscovered deep truths, and have taken so many steps forward! They’ve brought clarity and calmness, and there have been similar results with those I’ve had the pleasure to give treatments to.
Life really has changed with Pellowah for the better!  Deeply grateful…”
~ Teresa (Aberdare, South Wales, UK)
“I can’t even begin to fathom what life was like 6 months ago before I did Pellowah Level l & ll.  Everything has changed! I have changed! And my life has changed!  I feel free to look at things as they arise without getting entangled in the “drama”. Clarity, intuition and motivation have been the greatest gifts! It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel for the experience of Pellowah!
~ Julie (Brisbane, Australia)
Testimonials from Clients who have received Pellowah:
“Wow I just realised that I am feeling Happy! And the things that once bothered me don’t seem to have the impact they once had! Loving these Pellowah benefits!”
~ Janey D. (Brisbane, Australia)
“During and immediately after Pellowah I did not feel anything except a sense of deep relaxation. However that night I had a massive push to write! Out came all this information on where I go from here! I cannot thank you enough! I finally have my direction!
~ Susie M. (Noosa, Australia)
“I came for a Pellowah session never having had energy work and not knowing why I was there. I did not know what to expect and was sceptical about it – but something told me to make the appointment. I am so glad I did! I had not been able to feel or express my emotions for many, many years. Hours after the session I found myself at the beach, tears flowed. I felt a huge release and felt lighter! In the days that followed this feeling increased and I found myself really noticing beauty in my life! What a massive change!”
~ Gerrard C. (Brisbane, Australia)

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