As part of my commitment to share the knowledge I have gained over the course of my life a range of Workshops are available for you to explore the essence of “Who You Really Are”. My mission is to facilitate change in Womens’ lives: for individuals to embrace their true nature and innate power as Creators of their own destiny – to experience healing and awakening in a safe and supported environment.


Understanding how, why, when and where our “wounding” occurred is essential to our healing. This workshop is the foundation on which self reflection, contemplation, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion grows. In order to heal we must first be aware of our wounds. Often we are walking around with a mass of beliefs that do not serve us and that we are simply not aware of. We have not been taught, encouraged or given permission to explore our inner world, and yet in order to heal we need to take time out and really be with who we are.

I recommend everyone takes this Workshop to give you a grounding in why we All do the things we do, and what actually is running us from the inside out. It gives you a range of tools and techniques to get to grips with what is happening within you and how to take the steps toward healing through the wisdom contained within your wounds.

A pre- requisite for anyone considering the Mastery of Self Love. Read more and Book Here


Healing our internal stories of conflict, competition and separation is an essential part of Self Love. To love ourselves for who, what and where we are right now whilst undertaking the healing work, is our greatest challenge.  Comprising 4 x 1 Day per month workshops, this series is a journey into the deeper aspects of ourself: discovering, uncovering and recovering what has been diminished, belittled, forgotten and often unknown.

Exploring different aspects of what self love really means over the course of the 4 Workshops. With tools and hands on experience we also look at the conflict that exists between the masculine and feminine in each of us. Each day creates the foundation for the next, allowing you to embed the teachings in the month between the workshops.

Beyond Wounded – Toward Wisdom is a pre-requisite for this Workshop. The information shared, insight and understanding gained in BWTW enables us to dive deeper into who we are and commence a more embodied healing process.

It is a beautiful experience to watch participants blossom, to see them understand their innate essence and step into the power of who they are… Read more and Book Here

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